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One Take!

Welcome to the first entry on the “so you think you can bang?” Community.  Pull up a stool, and make yourself at home. (oh, and where earplugs, I expect it’s gonna get LOUD!!!  oh, and a thick skin, cause I know there are lots of assholes out there with opinions.

So here goes, as promised, the first entry is about my buddy Chris, drummer for “The Symptom”.  He’s a pretty cool character.  Self-profeessed professional performer, and camera whore extraordinaire.  I think Kevin’s worried that he’ll steal his airtime, but he dutifully edited the footage and made my little drummer boy LOOK GOOD!!! (Ok, it also helps that THE FOOTAGE ROCKED!!!!!  The sound, light, motion (ok, sometimes it was shaky, but gimme a break, I am a human, not yet a tripod, I’m working on it)  Everything turned out perfect, everyone delivered, and we got it in one take.

So whaddya think?  Care to try and upstage me?  Anyone…  Anyone?

Show off your drummers people!!!!!  Grab your cameras and let’s go…Lemme look into their beady little eyes and see the devil dancing on those skins…

Gimme a story that will make me go “wow!”  not just some wanna be banging away like a maniac.   Show me those skills, show me the energy, show me what it took for you to get where you are, the hours you’ve spent, the thousands you’ve spent….  Come on… show me your guts guys (and GALS!!!!).


Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you… CHRIS!!!!! (WRARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))) 

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