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Paper pushers…


K, so, went to council tonite.  What a frustrating process dealing with the City of Oshawa is (aside from their administrative staff, those people MOVE I tell you…you’d be amazed at how much PAPER they shuffle for our benefit, 11 BINDERS, of over 200 pages each and THIS they do EVERY MONTH! (not counting committee meetings of course). 

For a City in motion, Oshawa sure as hell doesn’t move very goddamned fast.  Prepare to be amazed indeed….at the amount of fucking time it takes to get anything done.

Lemme put it this way… Council didn’t go as planned, and now I have to repeat this process, but I’ll tell you one thing:

This isn’t the first time I’ve been through it, but it will be the last time. (I feel like Scarlett O’Hara saying she nor any of her folk will ever go hungry again…)

I’ll be writing more detail in a letter to the editors of the Oshawa community rags, and I’ll be sure to put a copy here on my blog.  I don’t want to write it at the moment,  cause I’m quite pissed off at being ignored, and seeing as I’m now going to have to politic my way through this bullshit (I CAN politic, doesn’t mean it’s any fucking fun, and it’s quite the tightrope).


Although this dealing with musicians is becoming quite the pain in the ass as well.  You’d think that a bunch of driven, talented, hard working, make a decision on a dime pissed drunk individuals would be able to keep an appointment.

How do these people get into the studio?…

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