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Paying my respects…

I really must apologize for taking so long in writing, I’m so busy you’ve no idea…..

So, I dunno, but I think I may wanna sing death metal.  *giggles*.  I’ve got this itch of late…contemplating singing for The Symptom is like… intimidating….. they’re so heavy, and I’m so light…lol…I dunno.  It’s weird.  You don’t just join a band indeed.  

I’ve been singing myself horse these days, and I’m not sure if I’m worried about it or not yet, but my throat has been really sore for a few days now.  I’ve cut the smoking down to five a day, and that’s helping clear out my lungs but it’s not doing anything for my throat… hehe… I can really belt one out now, the yoga has given me an athletes diaphragm I tell you.  I’m not too worried about my singing abilities anymore, considering my throat is sore, and my sinuses are stuffed, I just managed a pretty bang on “Yesterday once more” accapella.  I can feel it in my body now when  I practice, I can now get myself going to a point where my face/nose/mouth/ears/throat/lungs/tummy/arms/neck/head are just doing what they should be and I don’t have to think about it much anymore.   Had a pretty neat moment this morning where my voice felt very much like a wave…  I’m finding I’m developing muscles where I didn’t know I had any,  and it’s pretty damn cool.

When molding one’s self into something, one would normally look to their heroes for guidance.  Vocally speaking… I’m aiming for Karen Carpenter…lol…yeah, Karen Carpenter singing death metal.. sure.  *sighs*  I’m such a geek…

The Carpenters are a standard to strive for even today.  

“Looking back on how it was in years gone by, and the good time that I had 
makes today seem rather sad, so much has changed……

It was songs of love that I would sing to them and I’d memorize each word
those old melodies still sound so good to me, as they melt the years away”

I thought it would be interesting to try “Close to you” again, to see how much progress I’ve made…..  

Cause I’m gonna try and re-make it.  Death Metal style *wink*

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