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Production Notes

This time of year it’s nice to start looking back at the year passed, and compare it to now, so we can make adjustments going forward.

Anterockstar Season III coming soon!

Our previous season was produced on an “ad-hoc” basis, extremely under the gun, and live to air almost…. thus affecting the story unfolding around it.

This year we took the opportunity to sit on most of what we have, and step back a bit from our involvement (which resulted oddly in further opportunities for storyline advancement, and certainly a broadening of our perspective, and impact). There was far less push involved in this season, but a whole lot more pull.

I assume the airing of the thing will now go back again to a push. Let’s see how well I do another time around.

The fate of the big bop brought sharply to mind for me what my voyage is about, rather than what I imagined it would be. All good things come to an end. And new things start.

My outlook is fresher this year than in years past, for this I am thankful.

So, 13 episodes airing monthly on next year. I’m looking forward to them, truly. First episode January 1st… in time for your hangover.

Credits and trailers coming this week…

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