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Production Shots!!!!

Hola ladies and gents… for those of you looking for more of my pretty face (and some behind the scenes shots of production) here they are!
I won’t get into detail on each shot, but, I did want to comment on a couple

This one was taken just prior to starting taping.  Kevin insists that we have a shot of me singing, which we will shoot tomorrow….

My buddy John (another great drummer, can’t WAIT to show HIM to you…) had this to say about it when I showed it to him earlier:

JRED – 30+ beers later! says:

well, the main thing i don’t like about it is that whatever you’re doing… whether it’s your taxes.. writing a test… or just trying to figure out a crossword, it looks like you are stressing over it… at least to a point. that’s fine.. but…

JRED – 30+ beers later! says:

being as that is the main focus of the picture… simply, a less of a busy background would have helped it out a lot more. you blend in too much with the guy waiting for a train, or whatever the hell he’s doing. every gap of the picture that shows the background… the 3 corners and through the arm… there is something different in each one.

Anterockstar says:

I was about to go on

Anterockstar says:

trying to centre myself… in all that

Anterockstar says:

yes, I was stressed out about it

JRED – 30+ beers later! says:

that’s fine.. just, it’s you that the picture should be trying to show is stressed.. not your environment. it’s not much, but i wouldn’t have took the photo. well, unless i was just fucking around and not trying to find that generic “kodak moment” that all wannabe photographers want John insists that I can’t look natural if I’m aware of the camera.  I’ve asked him to come out and take my pic and prove me wrong, cause I like to think I do.  I did know the camera was there, I just didn’t know when it was going to go off.  If you look closely, I am looking right at it.

Haha… this was one of my faves from the night, the final shot.  THIS is what I look like drunk *wink*

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