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Quick, Someone Commit Me! or, uh…

Well, here I am again, still not blogging on a permanent home.  Gawd almighty would someone commit to me already? *sighs*

For those of you following the drama unfolding, Andy pulled the plug on my site a day earlier than he said he would.  Figures.  You see using his logic (since I’m assuming he thinks he’s right), as far as he’s concerned, the second the calendar chages over the day, that’s when the day is done.  He’s impatient you see the little dear.  Most of us in the business world know, that close of business is at best 5:00 pm, or midnight, depending on what business you’re in.  Admittedly, Andy likes to make up his own rules, despite my many attempts to teach him that there are advantages to some types of conformity, but I digress.

Well, thankfully, we’ve found another web suitor, Net Team Consulting, who we actually wanted to switch to when we first started all of this, but Andy insisted we go with his solution.  Anyways, we’re now up and running with them, and we will have a whole new look, feel, and loads of new content to offer you soon.

We’d like to welcome them aboard, and all the new friends we made today!

We haven’t had alot of time to listen to all the bands, but why don’t you take a listen and recommend one of them to us (we have our personal favorites, but we need more)?  We have a calendar we need to fill!  (we’re open to self promotion, so be shameless!!!).

Stay Tuned!

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