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Remember Remember Never Forget….

All of your life has all been a test.

I wonder when it will end…*sighs*

Sorry, hard day at work, I’m pushing my 5th shift of picking my ass (I’ve read 3 novels so far… have my 4th lined up for tomorrow’s shift), and although I’m enjoying the reading…

God there’s so much I miss. I miss the guys, assholes that they are, I miss the music, I miss the noise, I miss my camera, I miss practicing, I miss my drumming instructor, I miss drumming, I miss dancing, I miss yoga, and yes, I miss my weed too, cause I can’t smoke at work.

I don’t mind the callers, for the most part, there’s just the occasional asshole. I can’t wait to get the pervy one everyone’s talking about, the crazy autistic lady from yesterday nearly gave me a stroke. If I could have climbed through the phone line and choked her I would have. I had to hang up on her before I called her nasty names. Fuck was on the tip of my tongue.

I can’t take the environment. I can’t take being pinned down for any amount of time, let alone 8 hours a day at someone else’s discretion. I can’t take having to time my bodily functions by a clock, I can’t take being away from the babies at exactly dinnertime everyday, and I can’t take not knowing when my next fucking day off is (the one I get to spend entirely at my discretion… working my other odd jobs *sighs*).

Anterockstar can’t take my absence… or can it? I dunno, we’d already committed to suspending production for the summer and focusing on Marketing, but Kevin’s busy as hell with the kids and house shit that I’m not around to do, I don’t know that we’ll ever get it all done…and he still needs to find a job asap… cause I ain’t bringing in that much bacon answering phones…

I’m worth so much more than the toil I spend my time in…

But I’ll bide my time till I get a better offer….

“Staring up into the heavens, in this hell that binds your hands” You bet your ass I’ll make my way in a foreign land…lol… (if you don’t get it, look it up… google is your friend)

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