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Retrospective on 2011

Well, it’s coming to a close, I better take that look back and see what I’ve gotten accomplished.

After the municipal elections brouhaha died down, we continued our attempts to penetrate City Hall, making presentations at Strategic Initiatives, and participating in the Youth Committee.  We left OYAC after the Dutton “sexism” debacle, and while we had the opportunity to meet with the City’s Internet Committee (staff), we failed to report back on our experience in an “official” capacity, so that’s gone nowhere, and we’ve also failed to re-present ourselves at SI.  Maybe silence speaks for itself, maybe we’ll present again at SI in 2012.  We still have friends on Council.

We picked up where the City died down with DRCF, a project which didn’t turn out the way we expected, but which brought us more good fortune than we could have imagined.  We have several new friends because of it, and have had access to many opportunities, including getting our shit on television (although we didn’t see the production through, it did air, and we did create it).  We got to work with some wonderful people, and even managed to snag one or two for our own productions.  We definitely laughed…  and laughed… and laughed… and continue to laugh.

Anterockstar.  Website back up, Season III now broadcasting, sponsored by the Canadian Breastcancer Foundation.  Season IV shot all this year.  Highlights include 3Tards reunion at the Shoe with the girls, 3Tards basement jam, 3Tards shoot at the Wreckroom with our noob, and the one hole in 2011, Aaron Beamish’s death.  I’m writing this on his birthday.  Oh, ya, and I got started on the book.  Anterockstar that is.  3 chapters in.

Politically, we worked two more elections (the federal one in spring on behalf of Elections Canada, and the provincial one in the fall, on behalf of Freedom Party Candidate Ben Fudge).  We walked for Aids.

The capper to all this, our new home.  After suffering 18 months of hell in our lukewarm coldwater flat, we finally have a home with sound roofs, constant heat, running water, flushing toilets, and sewage free tubs.  Two of them.  We’re also down to two cats, both fixed.  Kow blessed 2011 with a total of 17 kittens, 5 of them sacrificed for the greater good.  All living ones in happy homes thanks to Toronto Cat Rescue.  Christmas this year was one of the most peaceful we’ve ever had.

And last but not least, and speaking of Hell, for those of you keeping track, He and I are on the ins again.

Let’s destroy 2012.

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