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Riding the tide… of a Murder Ride…

Ta da da da daa

ta da da dow da

ta da da dow da da da dow……wowow…


That’s what it sounds like… not what it does.  THAT reaches right into me, and rips me in half. (THAT can be found at 4:20 on the video *giggles*). 

Of course THAT couldn’t do what it does without the wall of black the other guys build around it.

Since embarking on the Anterockstar gig, I’ve learned a whole lot, but I still haven’t managed to pin down why it is that musicians affect me the way they do.

I love filming them, feel privileged to be allowed in their space when they play…it’s hard to describe without sounding like a lovesick puppy girl, but the bubble they form is quite a magical space, and it’s fucking awesome being in it.  I get critisized alot for going on with the sexual metaphors, but I’m sorry… it IS like having sex… feels JUST like it. 

I was breathless, shaking, and in tears by the time they were done.

I end up completely in love by the time it’s all over, but there’s nothing left but the tape.

Musicians have to be the most intriguing species on the planet… they are completely unstable, single minded, driven to madness… and they conduct souls in a room like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Especially the good ones…

And Murder Ride are good ones. 

They’ll be playing an all ages with 3tards and Mr. Plow on Saturday at The Dungeon, and I highly recommend you make it.  I don’t think it’ll be long before you have to pay big money to hear them.

Hehe… and I’ve got the tape.:)

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