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Sex… lies… and videotape…

From my peanut gallery over at with thanks for their continued inspiration and strength.

Me, upon being told that the event we are holding in February, is wrong:

” I can appreciate that you could find this offensive, I believe what I am trying to do is open your mind to the possibility that it isn’t.

The way women perceive themselves is THE ONLY factor that changes their situation, I should know, I am one, and have been in dire need of change of situation at many times in my life, including my fair share of abusive situations (at the hands of males, and females).

I personally believe we are all abused by each other daily, I mean, take a look at the bullying I put up with here, and you might begin to understand how I come to eat shit ALL DAY LONG and still manage to keep my self respect and dignity intact.

And my instincts.

Which I have developed a strong sense of trust in, one that I wouldn’t let anyone, man or woman, shake.

Wrong is a shade of grey, there is no black and white youngin.”

Saturday February 13th CLOTHING DRIVE FOR DENISE HOUSE Diezel Room (upstairs) 59 King East 10PM Midnight Shibari Demonstration

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