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Someone’s been reading…

My diary.

There’s nothing quite like the rush you feel when you find out someone’s been reading this thing.  Not alot of people leave comments.  But then with a “you”-ism and a wink, and you just know they’ve been reading it.

It’s easy to just sit here and type away without knowing or appreciating the impact your words are having.  I’m supposing it’s a feeling you get used to…  It’s still quite the naked feeling tho.

The reason I find it so scary is because in the past, when people have read my diary, things have not gone well.  Quite a few friends engaged in idle reading…. looking for hurt, and finding it.

If I were to write down everything I think on here, people would think I’m nuts.  Alot of the time I’m at a quandry as to what I should and should not write, even though this is my little corner of the universe, and I *should* be able to tell the truth here without the consequence of loss.  Just like I live the truth in my head.   A safe place to be honest.

We all think things about others that are not always nice.  The point of it all is if you stick around those people even tho there’s not nice things about them.  There’s not nice things about everybody, how much you put up with depends on how much you love them.  How much you love them depends on how much you see fit to invest in them.


It’s funny, you know, but it’s hard sometimes not to point out the obvious to someone who either is ignoring it or can’t see it, without sounding preachy… so you shut your mouth, and you drop subtle hints, hoping they’ll get it in time…

Right, Peach? *wink*

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