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So’re we’re past 3400…

Woo hoo!!!  This train’s moving fast… if anyone would care to teach me how to insert direct hyperlinks in my bulletins. Thanks, that’d be great.

In other news, we’re counting views over here, and we need more traffic than this.  Surely you guys with the tremendous lists could do a girl a favor?

Full steam ahead on plans for Monday (Thanks in part to the Germans), and I’ll be presenting our proposal to the City of Oshawa Finance and Administration Committee on Monday morning.  Yay me.  I can feel it, I’m not frightened, I’m excited.  I’m pumped.  Thanks for those of you who pump me up.

I’m still waiting on word from a certain Jew though, and that’s starting to piss me off, I might have to call in the Italian.  I realize I just lost a bunch of you there, but whatever.

The package gets delivered at noon.  Waiting for them right after lunch in their inboxes.  Haha… I hope they’ve left room for dessert. *giggles*

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