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I hope you all enjoyed the news this week… and “got” it…  and no, we won’t be selling an unedited version.


I thought I’d take a moment this morning, since it’s the Cheetah boy’s birthday and all, to talk about The Adopted, and what they mean to us.

We somehow stumbled upon The Adopted (just like we do every other band we meet) just when we needed them.  Changing seasons meant changing theme songs, and we happened upon “Happiness is sitting next to you”.

If you’ve ever watched the show or heard the song, you know it hooks you from note one.  It charges right in.

When I first heard it, like Fallen before it, it felt like it had been written for me.

Throughout the entire season, whenever things would get really bad…  I could always remind myself that whatever the hell it was I was miserable about… happiness was sitting next to me.

“You’ll find happiness is sitting next to you… in your loneliness I’m reaching out for you”

“In my room I’m all alone, I can’t make it on my own, I need you to pull me through….”

Since we began airing Season II with Happiness as our theme song, the series has been viewed a total of 19780 times.

That means that the song has been heard that many times, and that many more people realize that Happiness is sitting next to them. 

Happy Birthday Cheetah boy :-)

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