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Start the presses *giggles*

Christ I hate that Telus ad, it’s driving me fucking nuts.

It won’t goddamned close, I can’t put a title to this freakin post, and aw shit everywhere I click it only brings be back to their site. fuck.  Look, I’m willing to get a cell phone at this point, no matter what it costs, just as long as the service suits my needs.  I was formerly with Fido, and very pleased with their service (and I paid them a fucking mint for it, but it was a fair mint…)  Gawd I miss my Fido.  Oh, and watch out, I’ll be sending you a bill shortly.

Oh, and I’ll be sending you a cheque soon too, I’m feeling lucky today.

So, it’s all in what you’ve got to sell now ain’t it?  Well since I got me the metrics to prove everything I’m saying, I’m putting my money where my mouth is now.  Welcome to marketing 3.0 gentlemen.

There will be very big announcements on this blog over the next 24 hours…. stay tuned!!!!!!  I love it… just in time for the weekend.

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