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Stirring the soup…

I’ve had so many interesting conversations these days, it’s hard to pick which ones are most important.

Drock soup night was a blast… even though I only served 3 people outside my family, I still accomplished my goals, raised money for charity, and got someone new out to Drock night… oddly enough I hadn’t even realized that they were already a member 🙂

Also accomplished a bit of a miracle really… my hit soup of the night was the split pea, and it cost me exactly $1.20 to make enough soup to feed 11 people to satisfaction with enough leftover for one more.

$0.10 per person… that’s a goddamned good margin.

I had some awesome conversations that night, some caught on film, but most I realize, and certainly, the most important ones, happen off camera. I want to cry when that happens, but I don’t, cause I know that it wouldn’t have happened that way if the camera was there.

The camera changes things… significantly.

I’ve finally come to the realization that the camera DOES indeed affect my persona. Just how it affects it…. is now up to me.

It adds not only 10 pounds (rubbish) but it adds a whole other dimension to what you’re doing. Once you realize this… well… what happens when a soul sees itself in the mirror? I don’t want to be blasphemous, but …. it feels a bit like playing god.

What would Jesus do?

“But I am the Dance & I still go on!” – Lord of the Dance

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