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Stole the only girl I loved, drown her deep inside of me….

I get asked what I do alot, what I’m trying to do, like what I am is not terribly obvious, and appears to some to be completely cloudy. Seems the moment I discovered myself, everyone else lost me.

Emerging artist indeed.

For those of you new to the story, I will attempt to give you the coles notes… just so you have some background.

I was born and raised in Montreal, and moved to the GTA with my husband and four children in 1999. Kevin and I have been together since graduating high school ten years earlier.

After high school Kevin attended college while I entered the workforce. I worked in several administrative positions, my most impressive forays at a place called CLS (a development firm), and another for Air Canada(during some rather interesting times… anyone remember Canadian Airlines?).

Both times made it to executive quarters within 5 years from the bottom wrung. Oh, we also had two children, and 4 moves in that time. Oh… and we got married on March 8th, 1997, a date that refuses to settle itself in my mind to this day (I just had to double check with Kevin).

Upon our arrival in Toronto, Kevin and I entered the field of advertising. Yes, that lovely mecca lecca high mecca heiny hoe bag of an industry that takes nothing and poof! you have PILES of money…. I left two years in because I just couldn’t stand the bullshit anymore, and obviously, they couldn’t deal with me either. Two more children later, I started my own bookkeeping venture, and by 2003 we moved to a beautiful home in North Oshawa, backing onto a treed lot. (A treed lot we fought and won to have city hall preseve, a fight we won with a unanimous vote). Another climb to the top… two children, and two moves in 5 years.

2005 is when the world started burning (as if it doesn’t sound like it’s on fire yet). The pressures of two high demand careers, and the financial responsibilities of maintaining the infrastructure of such an assembly began to crack and came open in the spring of 2005 when I relenquished my partnership, and Kevin decided to exit the gladiator’s ring.

Neither of us plays politics well… well, we do… we just refuse to play.

Since then, we have gone through an extremely intense personal venture….

In 2006, Kevin and I expanded our partnership to include business. B e-Communications published our first business plan, “creating the buzz”. In its 60 or so pages you will find a great deal of information, as well as I believe 15 pages of financial analysis appendices…. I haven’t looked at it in a while… it took me 36 hours to check the formulae alone on that one… not to mention the hours of research and drafting that went into it…. it burnt me good. We put up a first website, using content I drafted, graphics Kevin created, and code a partner assembled.

This partnership did not evolve, and the site was taken down by our web partner, Osatek.

In 2007, we decided to engage friends (including Osatek) with whom we’d spend a great deal of time discussing and echanging our ideas, to attempt to rebuild another site. was born, as was Anterockstar, a series meant to offer an alternate view to the Idol shows. What if you took William Hung and taught him how to sing? Instead of gloryfying his lack of talent… discover what his talent truly is…. I mean, if you were William Hung… do you want to be remembered as the guy who couldn’t sing? Especially if you felt it was something you could do if only you had the proper … circumstances?

Anterockstar took over our lives immediately. I was fired from my job (bankers and rockstars don’t mix), Kevin’s contract dried up. We organized a last minute trip to Los Angeles to present our concept at a Media conference, and were able to premiere the first episode of the series there.

Anterockstar blew up our lives. Apparently true life stories cause true life effects, especially on those who are a part of the story. I hadn’t known how difficult it would be, neither could I have foreseen any of what followed, but what I did know was that I was committed to seeing it through.

The rest of Season I is on the web. And so is Season II.

We just published the latest versions of both and, using content entirely created by us… and our myriad collaborators.

I can’t really put it any more plainly than that.

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