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 a Docu-drama exploring the blood sweat and tears journey from insignificance to rockstar.  Anterockstar chronicled the triumphs and tribulations of independent musicians in the Greater Toronto Area.

Webseries AIRED 2006-2010

Videographer and aspiring “rockstar” Tamara LeClair uncovers the unvarnished reality hiding behind the raw performances of her subjects, and exposes herself to unimaginable risk as she continues to doggedly pursue a performance career, politicking her way into the headlines.


If you knew that pursuing your highest aspirations would test the limits of everything you were taught to believe; would you have the courage to take up the chase anyways? 

Tammie is an average woman from a small town who has no idea that when she answers the call to audition for a rock star reality series, everything she knows and loves will be put at stake to create a series that will reshape her concept of reality… and teach her to sing.  The camera rolls without cutting anything out as this seemingly disempowered woman conquers devastating circumstances, and her deepest fears, to stand on her feet and be a rock star in real life.

2006-2016 filming history

A Trans-media docu-drama exploring the journey from insignificance to Rockstar.  Through an Intimate lens AnteRockstar exposes the blood sweat and tears masked by the capitalization of the idolatrous myth of the mainstream media of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.  

Set against the backdrop of the personal story of the average woman’s pursuit of a professional career in the performing arts; controversy and stigma quickly steal the limelight from her focused attempts at vocal prowess.   Anterockstar began as a webcast intended as a measured response to reality television trends, and has evolved to a compound analysis of the impact of media on music, and the people who consume it. 

AnteRockstar originally premiered on on and promoted on since June 2006.  AnteRockstar was Migrated to it’s own branded platform in 2008, and taken down in fall 2011, and again redeployed in 2016 [now on]


The Cast

Tamara LeClair

Videographer / Vocal


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