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Scrub you from my skin…Purge you from within… Yes yes yes… I think about you all the time… didn’t you know?  You’re the only one out there who exists for me… I have no body else… So? Ahhhh… another day, another mountain.   Training… Read More »Lyrics…

Episode III

Well, it’s finally here folks!  The long awaited, much anticipated, fully G-Rated, Episode III! It’s funny how events repeat themselves over and over again, and they happen so fast sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to capture the lesson that you were… Read More »Episode III

1:01 AM

Hehe… it looks like it’s all falling apart doesn’t it? No one is talking to each other.  I have personally committed to myself that I will maintain control and will not be baited over the next 7 days.  Kevin and… Read More »1:01 AM