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Thank god I’m no Rockstar…

“Apparently a girlfriend on his arm doesn’t fit his “rockstar” image”.

Indeed.  Or so his people say….

Sorry, I just can’t let this Lukas Rossi thing go.  What an asshole.  Just for clarity, let’s be perfectly clear on what topic I am addressing here.  This has nothing to do with his musicality.  I have enough respect to recognize that the guy can sing.  That still doesn’t make him NOT an asshole tho.

So, in selling his black little soul to the Rockstar god, Lukas has traded in his freedom of choice, cause now he has people telling him that he can’t have a girlfriend.  I feel sorry for him actually, he looks like a lost little puppy…  Have you ever seen The Island with Ewan MacGregor and Scarlett Johansson?  Something like that.  Really really sad… and scary…”Congratulations Lukas, you’re a boy”?  What the hell, did we just witness the birth of Lukas Rossi?  Will Tommy Lee recreate him in his own image?

Great, just what the world needs, another Tommy Lee.  A shining example of a man, father, provider, contributor to society. 

I wonder what these all knowing “people” would tell me… Jesus…. 

“Lose the husband and kids lady, and maybe”….

Not to mention that I’m over 30 (Oh My God!!!)…..  A friend of mine who was extremely talented and had spent  most of his life pursuing a career in music once told me prior to his 30th that he didn’t think he’d get anywhere, cause apparently there’s this myth that if you can’t make it (whatever making it means…) before you’re 30, you’re over the hill.  That’s fucking sad, cause frankly, I feel like my life began right around then….

I’ve had “people” tell me things …..

I was told that my marriage wouldn’t last (Kevin and I are high school sweethearts).  
I was also told I wouldn’t have any kind of career without an education (my resume is nothing if not impressive).  
I was told that having the kids would ruin my life….  

I was told I couldn’t sing.    Hahaha…

I’ve been told alot of things, alot of them completely untrue.

Someone should wake Lukas up, cause they’re lying to him too.  I would have more respect for him as an individual AS WELL as a musician if he still had a girlfriend.  I think so would alot of people.  Then again, there’s probably legions of Tommy Lee fans out there who are wetting their panties right now.  Oh, how exciting.

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