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The little things….

So today marked the first business (read BUSYness) day of 2009. I had tried to get on the wagon last week, to no avail.

So I set out this morning to do my stuff, and do it I did, including 5 years worth of taxes for me and Kevin (10 returns in all, 10 schedule 1s, 4 schedule 8s, 10 scehdule ON428’s, 10 schedule ON479’s, countless meaningless calculations, and several forms filled out for no reason cause I wasn’t entitled to the amount)


Load off my back… I should be able to tap it out a little easier now. I’m also happy to report that I spent the entire day in the resource centre and only stopped for a smoke once. Considering I would have gone through at least 15 smokes at home in that time, I’d say that’s an accomplishment. I also waited till the afternoon so indulge my other habit, without losing my mind, and that’s a coup too.

So now that I’ve made some progress on those fronts, back to the other fronts. My proposal writing isn’t coming along terribly well, and I think that’s cause of my environment. I got alot done in the time I was at the centre, alot more than I would have if I’d been home. So, methinks I’m gonna make a habit out of going to the resource centre every Monday… if I can get all those forms filled out in that time, imagine how many proposals I could write….

If I ever get the damned materials finished, and I’m running a little behind. I’ll be catching up later tonite. I’ve also resolved to spend my Law & Order time writing instead of watching… I learn alot, but I get nothing done… and besides, it’s quiet in the house at that time.

I’m having to alter my schedule somewhat to accomodate our activities we’ve planned for the next three months. I’m going to be out several nights of the week, and being a homebody that falls asleep on the couch at 10 pm just won’t do.

And I’ve got a practice schedule 🙂 I’m so happy with it, it’s a pace I can take, but it’s also such a reward because now I get to start the learning curve over again. When I started singing way back when, I could sing (or you could tell I had talent) and it’s taken me several years, but I know my voice is now so well trained it can do whatever I ask it to.. within it’s limits, and I now have a firm grasp on where those are, and the funnest part? I set them.

With the dancing…. oh, it doesn’t just look fun, it IS fun, and I know I have talent… I’m looking so forward to training it to see what it looks like when I’m done. Now that I’ve been on this trip already, I have confidence that with persistence and practice I will sound exactly the way I want to… so I don’t need to get frustrated with myself along the way.

And speaking of little frustrations, I was so surprised to come home and find Kevin had been busy too! He finished the preview for our Little Monsters segments, which will be hosted by Frances and her friend Tina this year.

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