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The people MUST participate

In order for democacy to function in a balanced and healthy fashion, all elements of its equation must be engaged fully.  The ideal being that every voice be heard, and counted.

Although the people continue to feel, to a degree, that their concerns have not been reflected in Council’s decision to seek an appointment, the people MUST continue to express themselves in whatever manner they are allowed by this, our democratic society, as Council continues to act as it is allowed by virtue of their lawful constitution.

The reason the system is broken is because the silent majority are exactly that, silent.

A large portion of the electorate, a majority portion greater than double the participatory portion, is silent on this matter.  They do not even exercise in their one avenue of garanteed expression in our democracy, the right to VOTE.

This matter is foremost on the minds of our government, or should be.

Enlisting the participation of this populace, by way of increased voter turnout, increased consultation, and increased participation and engagement by the vocal few MUST be foremost our collective agenda if we are to move forward in sovereign unity.  The veil under which all governments hide.

To accomplish this we the people must assist our governments and enlist the participation of our bretheren (and sistren for those of you in pantyhose).

I realize many People in this City would like to withdraw their participation in protest of the appointment process.  The People’s protest is noted, as well is some of it included in the official record of the City of Oshawa’s, ergo her history.  The people’s appearance in chambers, and their well thought out and considered opinions from all walks were noted in many places, including the internet in the form of videographic records. 

Their displeasure for the rules was also noted, in the form of outbursts of applause, and laughter.  Sponenaeity is not allowed in chambers, as we are all aware.

In order for Order to remain, the people must continue to conduct themselves, and fully participate in the decided avenue Council has chosen.  In Chambers, on the 3rd of February.

The official record of that meeting will include its agenda, and any coorespondance relating to it, it is not necessary to take the floor and speak in order for your opinion to be considered.

I urge as many Oshawan’s as possible to write to Madame Clerk at with the name of your endorsement for the appointment.  I don’t care who you are supporting, I insist that you write and make your opinion count.

You have a polling station right there in front of you, prove that democracy works, and that you WILL stand and be counted.

I expect to see a mountain of coorespondance to be printed on the 3rd of February ladies and gentlemen.

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