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The People v. the Powers that Be….

I attended my first session of Workability Coaching today. This is a coaching series which prepares and equips individuals with all the necessary tools and information to present themselves successfully for interviews. This program has been run through 44 groups since 2005 (approximately). Their success rate in reappropriating people to more productive avenues within the system is (from what I’m told) high.

I am what they call “volun-told”. Someone who has been told they need to attend this series, otherwise their income may be in jeopardy. I do not let this stand in my way, I have been looking forward to attending this series since I heard about it from my worker. She is one of the programs creators and gave the seminars herself for several sessions. One of the reasons I’ve been looking forward to it is for a new routine. I am not accustomed to 9-5 anymore, and apparently that’s the only time people have open for business. Unlike some industries, that run 24/7.

I showed up on-time, with enthusiasm, and ready to work. Notebook, pens, and even makeup on. Hell of a feat for a Monday morning for me.

Part of our assignment includes a marketing research exercise where we will be going out to lunch (one of our perks for showing up), and assessing the customer service performance of our server.

I suggested to my coach, a wonderful lady who’s positivity seems unwavering, that we should perhaps videotape our sessions, since they would be a useful experience to share with a broader audience more easily (and cheaply… no need to put out transportation money to people who can’t (or don’t want) to leave the house).

No go.

You see, the one topic we didn’t address as a barrier to employment today was the one all of us thought was the main barrier.


Nobody likes to talk about it, we all like to pretend like we have laws that prevent it, but we all know it’s there.

It is without prejudice that I write this report.

I just wish someone would have the good manners to address me without it.

The reason we can’t videotape?

Not all of us are adept at taking poverty, and turning it into a running chance at public office.

I already have my hands in your purse, you’d think voters would realize that.

It’s a testament to my ingenuity that I’ve managed the things I have over the term I have given the circumstances I’ve had to navigate.

Overcoming the odds isn’t about swimming with the current, it’s making your way against it to find new breeding grounds.

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