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The power of Narration indeed…

To all of my friends…

I’m feeling mighty wordy tonite, so fasten your seat belts.  I’ve got quite a load to blow.

The marketing/media industries are playing a mind fuck. 

They are delicately trying to balance the equation they lost control of a long time ago.  There are literally thousands of artists out there, truely talented and gifted and absolute geniuses just marching down every street.  They have created them.  Now they don’t know what to do with them.

Many of us are managing to carve out a living, or a survival, depending on what you’re willing to give up to live….. those of us who go through it know that it’s not an easy path, but well worth walking.

We have known it for centuries…. we’re not looking to be a celebrities, we just want a little exposure.

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