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There goes reality…

I thought I’d post about the latest series of pictures, since it occurs to me that sometimes… my meaning may not be obvious…. although oddly enough, it seems obvious to me.

Yesterday, my good friend (and photographer, and model, and mom, and and and…) Cari came over to do a photo shoot.  It has been some time since we’ve taken promo pics, and it was great to get a chance to work with her again.  She and I click so well, and after Kevin laid out the concept for us, it was easy enough to get the shots he wanted.

This project was started as a statement regarding the reality shows currently being aired, and the fact that they are not a reflection of reality at all… they simply perpetuate hollywood’s reality, by using people who have been untouched by celebrity… that is of course, until they have had a taste of it.  As they say… there is no turning back.

Since the begining of this project, my reality has undergone some significant changes.  The emotions I conveyed in the episodes that we did produce were very real.  The tears, the laughter, all of it, was unrehearsed, and completely impromptu.  It’s still not reality tho, there is no way for you to understand the reality of it, unless you know the whole story, and unfortunately, there are several holes in this story, especially if you have just come on board now.  Some of you may have been following from the beginning, and may have a better idea of what’s gone on, but you still don’t know the reality.  Not until you live it.

The pictures we took yesterday were staged.  The emotion I am conveying is what I was asked to convey, not what I was feeling at the time.  The fact that I had one of my closest and most trusted friends in the room with me, no matter the circumstances, made me happy.  My circumstances on the other hand, which is what we’re trying to convey with the pictures, make me sad.

What also makes me sad is that most people will look at the pictures and completely miss the point.

That I am bound by red tape.  *sighs*

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