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This used to be my playground.

No more big bop
no more fun
the hole that housed us yesterday
tomorrow will be gone.

I’m so sad :(

But I’m glad as shit I got the chance to know the place, the people, the vibe, and the love. I’ve played in all three floors, been escorted through its bowels, kicked out its front doors, and claimed countless treasures… COUNTLESS… from within its walls.

Kathedral. A place one goes to worship.

The sound, smell and taste of the Big Bop will stay with me forever, and so will the friendships forged within her walls.

I hope she gets a proper Adieu……

But let us not forget her satellite sisters who offer an excellent place to play… Dees, Horseshoe, Bovine… also great playpens, and excellent references on a resume. These places will need our support now more than ever, so if we are to grieve, let us grieve as we lived…

A rose for the dying….

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