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Three more sleeps!!!

Till Canada Day folks! I don’t know what you’ve got planned, but there’s a huge party down the street from me in Lakeview Park, and that’s where I’ll be Sunday, soaking in the atmosphere, and basking in the glow of all that is Canadian… Frances can’t wait to take a bite out of Canada….lol…

And for those of you who will be lucky enough to be in our Nation’s Capital (Ottawa for you folks outside the know) The Adopted will be playing on the 30th at the Canada Day Festival!!!…. go cheer my Cheetah and his boys on!!!

And for a little fun…just so you know… Canadians are ANTYING but politically correct….. despite what our politicians would have you believe.

And to dispel any rumours… we don’t live with beavers.  They live in dams.

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