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Tie me DOWN!!!!

Holy crap my head is spinning, although that may have more to do with a hangover than anything else.


Met up with The Symptom yesterday at Shady Ass Studios here in The Shwa, and what a lovely time, got some business hammered out, and well, we’re off to the races now, we have access to a studio!!!! (and some of the best talent in the area, so I’m bloody excited).

Much to Master Peach‘s chagrin we managed to bootleg a copy of their latest and will be releasing it right here, exclusively on Anterockstar!  It’s awesome….  So stay tuned for The Orchid, right here, on Anterockstar!


I’m pooped.  This pace is getting quite the race to run, and while I’m on toppa my shit, it’s still exhausting.  We’re filming three nights this weekend at The Dungeon, and we’re two episodes ahead of ourselves in terms of reserve footage.  I’ve got more moments waiting for editing than I can shake a stick at, and Kevin just can’t keep up, so I’ll be taking over editing duties on the Anterockstar Moments.  Which is just as well, cause then I can have COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL!!!!  Muah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…


So, Wetwork this weekend, and we will finally get our sit down with Doc….  wait till you meet her.

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