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Time goes by….

Well, this is it folks, my last entry here on Myspace.  It’s August 1st, and as promised, the only place you will find any of my writing in the future is  Go bookmark it now!

For those of you who are inconvenienced by this move, please forgive me the trouble, I’d rather have my work stored on servers I control… 


I was supposed to write yesterday about Ep5, but Kevin did such a good job of presenting it, I kinda sat back and watched for a change.  For once, his blog got more hits than mine did yesterday, so it’s a fitting moment for me to move on.  It also marks the first time I have ever let anyone guest write on MY blog, so it’ll be neat to see what kinda poo gets flung around this sandbox from now on.  I mean, if you’re looking to find out about my secrets…. my husband is a good place to start…lol.


A couple of anecdotes and personal comments about Ep5 I’d like to note for the record:

*Frank does indeed play bass for Wetwork, as does a lovely man named Steve Mallon play drums for them.  Although these gents were not featured in the episode (Frank was in the trailer), they are no more or less important to what Wetwork is than Doc or Bryan.  My special thanks to them for their participation in this episode, put a feather in your cap gentlemen.

*The bath scene… yes, it was gratuitous.  And you’re lucky I don’t make you pay a subsciption fee for that shit.  For those of you who are looking for nip, you won’t find any, we’ve been over it with a fine tooth comb *giggles*.

*It’s also worth noting that the band got screwed that night (not THAT way you pervs!!!), something I’m told happens regularly, and I’d personally like to know how since they are apparently protected from being screwed by SOCAN.


And that’s about it folks, for today.  Things are really getting busy over here, I’m heading into the studio Thursday, and hopefully jamming with the guys (if they will deign to work with another woman… you see, the members of The Symptom are former Wetwork collaborators (their drummer Mezz is still credited on Wetwork’s site, and Peach was their bassman up until a couple of months ago.).  They are really sweet guys, but the biggest chauvenists on the planet….  Last week I was accused of invading their *sacred* space… oh gawd…

And the plot thickens…

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