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To everything….

turn… turn… turn…

I have to say, I wouldn’t want to be a political virgin running a campaign… it’s pretty intense.

Kindof like the first time you do anything, only every second of your day. Every new person you meet is a sea of possibilitty.

I had an artist friend, a long time ago. Name of Ilya. Ilya was a sexy beast, looked alot like Jim Morrisson, but with more self control…. a more perfect incarnation if you will.

Ilya was an adventurer extraordinaire, with a childlike imagination, and a guru’s understanding. We sat by the lake one night and he said to me… “imagine how many people you will meet only once in your life, and never again”.

The breadth of tears that welled up in my heart over the loss of getting to know all those people was as big as the lake.

Ilya crossed over to the other side quite young, in the 90’s sometime, in Hungary… over going hungry.


Then there are the same old people in your neighborhood. I’ve come to the realization that there is no sense in repeating myself.

I’ve been busy working on my platform, and should have it ready for distribution at the launch party. The posters are up in all points of the city (bring me a copy and I’ll make sure you get it signed by all four bands… This would also help me out and clean up the mess posters leave behind (this is open to all you youngin’s out there too, you may not be able to attend this show, but you can earn your way into the next one).

There’ll be a food box at Atria starting today to collect food for Simcoe Hall in advance of the show. Help us out by taking a few minutes to take a walk (or drive) downtown, stop in at Dino’s, and drop off some food. January is no different than any other month, and alot of people depend on this resource to feed themselves on a regular basis.

Next Friday’s show is gearing up to be a big one. Lots of people are dying to get their opinions out about all kinds of things, so make sure you come out and be heard.

I’ll have several avenues of expression available to you including:


We will be shooting video the night of for use in the following projects:

Anterockstar Moments: For Random Killing, The G-Men, Die Standing, and of course, Oshawa’s least favorite band… The Drive Chimes!

We will be soliciting your political opinions on topics of your interest throughout the evening. Should you wish to express your opinion on video, you will be required to provide us with a signed release allowing us to use the footage for inclusion in the “Politicus” series of videos.

In return for your permission to use your comments, raw footage shot from the night will be uploaded online at for your use in editing together your own video of the night. We will be holding a contest throughtout the campaign period ending

The aim of the series is to motivate people to participate in the democratic process, inform and educate them on the process, issues of interest, as well as offer them an alternate view than that which is already available in mainstream media.

We’re also planning a few other fun ways of expression, including surprise guests. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to come out, enjoy a really good show, and talk some good politics over a few beers.

Hope to see you there!


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