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To live and die in Oshawa Ontario…

It’s been hotter than hell here since our arrival.  Yesterday was one of those “I can’t move” days, but we got loads of stuff done.

My life has been a little surreal the last couple of years…. the people I’ve met, the things I’ve experienced…. watching their impact on my life unfold in front of my eyes has been quite the trip…

I’m so excited I could pee myself, despite Kevin ending up in the hospital on Friday (asthma).  That was rather scary… not to mention that …. well, I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing his treatment, and he emailed me yesterday that he’d felt like dying too (but he’s ok now).  See what I mean?  Surreal…

So no new Episode on June 1 (forgive us), but….  we did launch with it’s redesign (you should take the bus… it’s an experience).

And to satisfy you frothers out there who are just itching for a weekly fix of watching me on video, we’re uploading the 4th Episode of Season I to phyte (it appears many of you are unfamiliar with the cliffhanger ending of Season I, even though it’s been up on youtube since January).

I’ll be writing a retrospective, and sharing my final look back on Season I before plunging head long into the future.

And oh…. WHY am I so excited?

The Cure have finally settled on this album, it’s a double (kiss me, kiss me, kiss me anyone?), and according to Robert (and this is on the OFFICIAL site) “It’s music to live and die to not sell”  Sounds very deep, but depending how you read it, extremely ambiguous… I wonder what the fuck he means by that… will he be giving the album away?

That’s one way to avoid having your shit stolen, just give it away..(although I must confess, it’s not like I’ve never stolen anything before…  but then again, not like I’ve never been given anything either…hmmmm…)

Ok ok enough metaphors, I’ll talk to y’all later, gots some work to do…

Hehe… and I got an email from Hollywood yesterday 

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