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To mosh… or not to mosh.

That is indeed the question.

It’s been a hell of a dive into the action from my little hibernation I tell you. From Thurday till now I’ve got enough footage to put together an entire season…

So, after drock nite on Thursday, the Bakebotables on Friday, I ended up accompanying Frances and Doug to Heatskores at The Kathedral. Oy.

Punk shows are always the shit because there’s more colorful characters in those places than you’ll find anywhere else on the planet. Unless you visited the bush somehwere in Africa.

And some pretty solid human beings. Despite all the “moshinations” otherwise.

Frances was invited by Eddy Earwig to film his band The Heatskores for their last all ages performance. Turns out I’d seen them play the Dungeon in Oshawa some time ago. Was nice to meet up with them again, they were pretty rockin that time too. The boys are calling it quits 10 years in… wise men these… quit while you’re ahead. The punk rock game isn’t something you can play for long before you become a parody of yourself. I mean, we all need to evolve man.

And boy did I get a sense of evolution last night. Since The Dungeon closed in Oshawa, we haven’t had any place to hold these kinds of shows, and some would say that’s a good thing, but for myself personally, I think these places are necessary arenas of expression that should be appreciated for what they are…. three ring circuses like everywhere else, except these players for the most part, wear hardware.

And you’d have to wear hardware to enter a mosh pit. I have always been drawn to the pits, since the days of dances in church basements (ya, way back in the 80’s churches HOSTED punks)… hahaha… The Kathedral, I get it.

Pits of sweaty punk throwing itself around… it starts with one or two people, then gets spinning to a bunch, and sometimes some asshole breaks the flow by marching right through….. bodies flailing. It’s really fuckin neat to watch a band take that bunch of people, and manipulate them in a controlled way so that nobody gets hurt. Moshing is serious, and dangerous business. And apparently, dimes fall outta yer pocket quite easily. I netted me $1.80 after the lights went up. I’ll have to disinfect that change later though…. the things you see on the floor of these places… I swear.

The Heatskores are a pretty powerful band. You can tell the quality of a show by the quality of the pit, and even I managed to sail the fringe without getting hurt. I’ve always been attracted to the pit, but also quite aware of the potential for harm to myself. Anyways, quite the hootenany indeed.

The potential for riot in these places is enormous, I mean you’ve a bunch of hot, sweaty, drunk, hungry, stoned (or in some state of jonesing), horny, angry, PUMPED individuals being prodded on all sensory levels to aggression. Thankfully some of us are rather subdued…. and you would probably wonder why someone would subject themselves to such an environtment…. and its really quite simple.

To learn, to share, to experience. When I asked Frances what she thought, she said it was funny as hell. Punks ARE funny. They’re the antethesis of what they appear to be, and I guess that’s why they don’t get taken too seriously. It’s a good thing they don’t take themseleves too seriously either…

I dunno, the pit is a pretty solid reflection of life methinks, and if you don’t get it, you’re a moron. I was once again amazed at the “family” theme that keeps presenting itself to me as I roam these seedy rooms. I was pleased to be able to introduce Frances to John Tard (3Tards). Not only did he fondly remember our moments together, but he made sure to impress upon Frances how much I care for her, and her responsibility to recognize that. Wow.

Then of course he brought me into the bowels of the building. Hahaha… John Tard has the keys to the Kathedral apparently, and on this, my first visit to this infamous landmark on Toronto’s indie music scene, I got to check out places that other people only dream of. Where the bands hang out after the show 🙂 hahahahaha…. but those aren’t stories for children’s ears.

They’ll be playing a christmas food drive (their first annual!) and I’ll more than likely be in attendance.

Love punk lovin… and it’s a good cause.

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