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One cannot divulge the discussions that take place in the Mayor’s
private suites. To do so would 1. guarantee that one never sees the
inside of them again, and 2. Betray an office that should be held in
esteem at all times. My government needs my respect if it is going to
govern me effectively.

I suppose that’s why they’re having trouble governing me… because
I’m losing respect.

So I am invading them by earning more and more respect for myself every day.

When I met with his worship today, I brought him gifts of Dtox water,
a T-Shirt wrapped in an autographed poster with my Love, and a Dtox
stick with the only copy of “Shwatarded” in circulation with the
exception of the film competition offices.

He seemed taken aback, and asked me why.

I started crying and told him that I wanted him to grasp what it is we
lost on Saturday.

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