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Well, I’m now on vacation, and I’m going about changing some things. I have alot of things I’m dissatisfied with at the moment, and seeing as I need to get them all fixed in a hurry (the sooner I embrace my destiny, the sooner I can get on with my life kind of thing), so I’ve taken the week off work to get several new habits formed in my life. I’m not stupid enough to bite off more than I can chew… THIS TIME.

I’ve taken several small steps already that have gotten me this far, I’m just going to start documenting them so I can stop thinking about them, and start thinking of new things instead.

I’ve put my relationships, and my fate, in the hands of the Goddess, and they’re all coming along nicely, thank you. Including the one with myself, one I am coming to enjoy more and more each day, as I make progress.

My finances seem to be coming along nicely, as we will be caught up on all our bills for the first time in forever this month. Our biggest challenge on this has been satisfying our needs long enough to realize what they were. Unfortunately, that entailed going through a long list of many wants, most of which we have eliminated, and a couple of which we retain as luxuries.

Then there are other wants, that remain a burden. By every definition of the word, these wants are indeed taxing upon every single resource we have, and the bleeding must stop if we are ever to heal. So, I’ll be applying salves to the wounds, and going about cleaning them out thoroughly so there won’t be any chance of re-infection.

Anyways, I need to pack and purge some more, I’ll be back later.

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