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Walking softly….

There’s an art to holding your breath
you need to count to three
before opening your mouth
so dreams come into being…..


I’m holding a big one in. I got a big idea in my head a few weeks ago that is turning into an even bigger idea with every step I take towards it. Like it’s materializing bit by little bit…. who knew the first thought was just an inkling? I love mosaics.

I can’t talk about it at ALL except to a certain few people, and even at that I think I’ve said too much to too many already. It’s THAT fragile. I feel like I’m going to burst.

It’s standing on one leg right now that I KNOW is committed to it’s realization, and I’m waiting on word from the other. *crosses fingers and toes* I am holding my hand close to my chest patiently waiting for the dealer to call the hand……. hoping.

The funny part is, I know that even if that other leg doesn’t come through, it CAN stand on the one, because it has the most important part already in place… a heart.

This baby’s mine, I know she’s mine, and I’m really really really looking forward to bringing her to light. She’s a beaut.

And to boot, Anterockstar has signed up it’s first sponsor for Season 3, a venue committed to working with us for the next two seasons. We’ll start naming names when we re-launch Anterockstar in January…..

Hang on to your seatbelts 🙂

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