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We ain’t going to the Town…. We’re going to the CITY!!!

I put this in news and politics cause like, ya, I’m presenting to Oshawa on Monday…. and I’m moving this weekend.  Holy shit.

Between Kevin and I we’ve got so much work going on, that it’s a joke, and somehow, it is…all going to be ok, even if it doesn’t look like it.  I forgot my keys at the spot the other night, and Jeannie’s gonna kill me.

So, ya… this is gonna be  interesting.  The learning to politic has been fun.  We know how politically incorrect I am, but somehow, it’s looking um…really really good.  Can’t see that I’ve misstepped yet, but then again, i’ve been getting better at doing a two step, so, ya.

Still waiting on MacLaren to cough up a phone call, but that’ll come.  hehe… phone call from hollywood indeed.  Who’d have thunk?


Like I mean, did you ever stop to wonder who’s on the other end of the phone?  Not just what or how they came to be, but WHO they are?  The internet has enabled us to look into each other’s eyes, and depending on the context of your meeting, the agenda is set from the begining.  Or is it?

I’ve had plenty of meetings, and staring into people’s eyes on the internet…. And on the street.

I prefer to meet my people in the street, and let the agenda set itself.

But that’s just me…


Haha…This one’s funny…

And my SOS this morning is for luck.  Will she please for the love of all that’s sacred help be get back together with Jeannie’s keys…

And in thanks to the Goddess for bringing my babies back to me.  Cause without them, I am nothing at all, and they always believed in me.  Before I laid eyes on them.


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