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We sail….

Hopefully today, but if not… certainly tomorrow.

First off, I’ve noticed that I’m getting new readers…. Welcome!  Please leave me comments, I enjoy getting to know new people, and hearing what they think!

We’ve been working our butts off, and will have a new episode of Anterockstar up for you shortly.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to put it up on our own site,, at this point, but will have all our materials up there soon.

This blogging in several different places is enough to splinter your personality.  For someone like me, who pours herself out on this thing, every time I have to switch blogsites, it’s like picking up all my bags and moving.  Thankfully, I’ve found a site that will pay me to blog, and I can do it wherever the hell I want.  YAY!

Not much new at this end.  We’re still stuck in limbo, running a two man operation from one computer in my in-laws basement.  We’ve made some significant progress on a few projects (I’m more than JUST an Anterockstar you know), and we’ll be showing them off this week.  As soon as I get clearance from all involved, I’ll be promoting the links.  This is a press release I can’t wait to write.

Sorry once again for dropping you, I know I do it often, but at the moment, I have sparse access to the computer, and when I do have access (for a few minutes), I’m frequently interrupted, which doesn’t give me alot of time to relax, and let my words flow.

So, that’s just an update, I’ll keep you posted……. as usual.

So, I started you with a tidbit of Interpol, and I’ll let you off with one of my favorite lyrics:

“Remember, take hold of your time here, it’s the meanings to the means, to your end” – Not Even Jail – Interpol

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