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Until his highness decides I can blog on my own goddamned site again.  In case any of you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, my producer has seen fit to take my website hostage, so here I am, courting you people more personally here.  After all, I can’t be a performer if I can’t communicate with my audience… it’s what I do best.  The last couple of days have seen some highs and some lows, but things are still moving ahead, despite Andy’s latest attempts to thwart my efforts to feed myself with this thing.  I don’t understand how he can’t see the damage I am having to control because of his actions, and he’s not even suffering for it!  You’d think, if he really had my welfare in mind, he wouldn’t bloodywell cut off my only possibility of earning income, just when I have a shitload of proposals out in the marketplace.  In any case, things are still progressing well, and on the singing front, I am now able to belt out a very nice rendition of American Pie. Now if only I could quit smoking.  Maybe once things get a little less stressful around here I might be able to relax enough to do it.  I’ve been thinking about it alot lately, and although I’m still not ready to commit, I feel I’m getting closer to the answer of why I smoke (among other behaviours of mine I’ve been contemplating lately).  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the job done already.

I’ve been the beneficiary of alot of grace and good fortune of late, and for that I thank the Goddess.  She won’t be tamed, but damned if she isn’t generous when she rains down on you.  The weather’s been absolutely wonderful, raining a good quantity, clearing out the air.  She put on quite the light show the other night.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a chance to dance in the rain with the girls again.  Nearly caught up on the laundry, the bathroom and kitchen are clean, and there’s just sweeping and vacuuming left to go.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes preparing for our hearing at the housing tribunal on Friday (Oh, I can’t wait for that), and following up on a demo site we have to produce for a client.

Some of you may be wondering about production (like those of you to whom I have made proposals, my audience of course does include potential clients).  I am committed to producing all promised episodes, within the stated time-frame, the only thing that will be changing is the marketing plan, which is flexible, cause hey, time is like a broken watch, right?  I’ll even throw in a bonus documentary on the DVD called “Rise and Fall of a Producer”, I wonder how interested OCAD would be in sponsoring that one?

Wow… I don’t think I’ve gone on that long in a while, but shit, I’ve been cut off for nearly two days now, and my everyday journal doesn’t cut it anymore.  Besides, seems the more I show, the more people think I hide, and I’m having to measure my words carefully these days.  Seems some people don’t understand English as well as I do, and don’t grasp any kind of literal meaning.  

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…. shall we?

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