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What it feels like for a girl…

Woke up this morning to a lovely email from someone I’m wanting to do business with (I like his concept, although it could use a shot in the arm).  Someone I’ve had to follow up with three times….

Politely dismissive would be the best way to describe his response, PATRONIZING would be the worst.

Why is it that some men (don’t want to drag the true gentlemen out there into this) find it necessary to patronize me?  I don’t need a father, husband, or teacher (I have plenty of those, and if I needed another I’m not behind the door about getting my needs satisfied), and quite frankly (not in this morning’s case, but in many) Thanks for the offers boys, but I don’t need a lover either.

Being a pretty, intelligent, aggressive woman in this day and age can sometimes feel like a curse.  If I go into a situation with all my assets showing, I scare both MEN and WOMEN.  If I go in with some things hidden, I don’t get taken seriously, or I’m accused of manipulating when I do bring them out.

I have a great many talents, half of which I’m not even aware of the extent of because I’ve spent most of my life accomodating the ideas of what others think I should be in order to get ahead.  And when I don’t accomodate them… I end up on the short end of the stick.

Case in point: when I was dismissed from my last job.  The Ombudsman would not take me seriously, dismissed my ideas and concerns outright, I became totally ineffective at my job because of it, and then he finally dismissed me.

The whole AnteRockstar thing has taken me on quite the inward journey, and I’m discovering all kinds of things about myself that I never knew before… I’m also exploring some deep insecurities….

I’m also gaining some ground on confidence in what I know, and what I can do.

So… Mr. Patronizing… just thank your lucky stars I’m not behind the wheel of a car at the moment..

Oh, and thank you for your response and advice.  You’ll receive my politely dismissive reply shortly.

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