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When you’ve done it right, they won’t know you’ve done anything at all.

‘m at an interesting headspace these days. I see the world around me morphing.

I’m far less about proving myself, and far more about just being it.

I’m far less about making things happen, and far more about letting them.

I’m far more about giving, and far less about taking.

But I’m sure as hell more aware now of what’s mine. And how much it’s worth.

Amen for people who help you realize that you are far more than you
think you are, and that you’ve been right in believing it all along.

I’d like to take a moment to love my fellow candidates and
co-conspirators in this movement of change we’re all engaged in. You
all know who you are.

The collaboration taking place is truly marvelous, I only wish we
could harness it. Oh what a world it would be eh?

Lucky for us, some of us have harnessed it, and we are feeling those
effects in our lives…. we are watching them take place around us,
and we are feeling that we are making a difference. There is less
frustration on the part of our little army, and more focus and
determination than the tightest of fortresses could withstand.

We know what we stand for, we know we stand together, and we know that
we have the power to affect the change we want.

The spokes have grabbed hold of the tread, and are moving…. and
picking up steam.

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