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You’re not so bad…


I was double(or shall we say triple) booked again last night, with an appearance scheduled for 11:55 at Isabella’s…

…a stunt scheduled at Atria for 11:30 or so … which I didn’t attempt… my taps were already loose, and I needed them to perform… and…

I was officially booked to film Black Cat Attack’s CD Release.

I feel on the verge of a heart attack, but I think I’ll recover.

It will feel good when I have my own spot to shoot and perform at so I don’t have to go running all over town anymore. I’m getting really tired….

And I need to draw a few lines. As many steps as I took last night, I still missed one, and it bothered me deeply. Thank god I’ve people to draw these lines for me otherwise I’d never see them. I left the stage mid set to make my official booking. Seems I chase after too many birds me, but I must acknowledge that it’s this way that one traps a whole bunch.

And when one is building an empire, one has to cast a wide net, and in doing so take into account a much larger view of things, and acknowledge things for what they are.

I feel bad about bailing on BMR, but frankly, I don’t. I have commitments that I make that I refuse to break…. even though I sometimes do.

It’s the nature of the beast, and without commitment one doesn’t advance.

This is a two step gents.

Also, my taps are coming loose, and I’m not using them again until they’re fixed. I’ve no desire to burn my babies, or injure myself or an audience member with my faulty equipment. I think they’re loose because I have to tap so damn hard to be heard over my accompanyists, so I’m gonna have to mic up.

Besides, I have singing to do.


On a sweeter and more topical note, my thanks the BCA for hosting a hell of a partay. The place was packed, the girls were like crowned queens, and their lineup supported them right into shining glory.

The music was everything you could expect from such a tight lineup. (video to come!)

Atria’s finally fixed the sound issue… AMEN!

SwagGAALICIOUS! I walked away with four CD’s one of which I lost :(… I swear I’m just like cinderalla me leaving things behind… I left my belt at Chicago’s when I dropped my pants, and still haven’t gotten it back…lol..

I don’t have the heart to confess which one I lost…

My confession with Bryan under the stairs is on tape…. this one beats Abbott and Costello.

I’m enjoying the hell outta the one Matt recommended out of all of them.

The King Beez headline our grand opening night at The Spot, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

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