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the series – Unscripted Musical Docu-Drama

When a smalltown mom boldly turns the camera on herself in pursuit of her dreams,  Life quickly turns into a “real time” nightmare of poverty, betrayal, and  Homeless. Defeated, she overcomes to create a series like no other..

 a Docu-drama exploring the blood sweat and tears journey from insignificance to rockstar.  Anterockstar chronicled the triumphs and tribulations of independent musicians in the Greater Toronto Area.

Season 1 Blog Archive

Read how a suburban mom losses her head to pursuit her “rockstar” dreams.

Season 2 Blog Archive

Read as she ups her “Ante” proposing a Rock music festival to a quiet suburban city council.

Season 3 Blog Archieve

Read along as her PR strong arming inspires the ire of a city council.