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(Pilot) (5 x 22 min. episodes)

With her heart on her sleeve, a suburban mother of four loses her head to follow her ‘rockstar’ aspirations, putting everything she has on the line to pursue her dream.  Social focus music, economic crisis. 

Original :Premiered  online June 6th, 2006

This is the first of a series of 12 weekly 22-minute reality shows where we learn what it takes to be a rockstar. Not the well-packaged version of traditional reality tv shows, but reality–the blood, sweat, and tears–in a raw and real indie show. Can a real person shine like a real rockstar? Get ready for the rollercoaster ride of one woman’s reckless pursuit of the spotlight.

Episode 1 – “Initiation”

One Sunday morning in the spring of 2006, Tamara Morahan, then a 33 year old suburban wife, mother of four, and office manager, decided to record a demo for a radio contest to win an audition for Rockstar Supernova.  What she discovered during taping, and what she decided to do next would change her life forever. 

Original :Premiered  online June 6th, 2006

Series Premiere. What is Ante Rockstar? Who is Tammie? In the first of 12 episodes, we meet Tammie, the wanna-be rockstar, and Andy, her producer. We learn about her childhood, her family, and the genesis of her dreams. Tammie goes into a recording studio for the first time, where we finally learn the answer to the ultimate question: She wants to be a rockstar, but can she sing?

Episode 2 – “Crux”

Meeting the challenge of her own ineptitudes, Tammie resolves to improve her singing, and continues her pursuit of ‘rock stardom’ against the goading of her producer.  Tensions mount when the sudden loss of her job threatens the production.

Episode 3 – “Cruz-e-fiction” 

Reeling from the loss of her day job, Tammie is surprised with a sudden invitation to pitch her reality series at a conference in Hollywood.  Patching together a trip to L.A. on a shoe string, her efforts are dashed when the premiere of the first episode sparks a controversy within her family and production team.  – Featuring  iHollywood Forum.  Social Focus Social Media (incl. Human Interrelationships)

Episode 4 – “The Symptom”-Featuring The Symptom

After being abandoned by her production team, and disowned, Tammie struggles to keep her wits in an attempt to mitigate the perceptions of potential investors from L.A..  Tammie is introduced to a local Band The Symptom, and attempts to overcome crippling self-doubt and insecurity over her singing talent.

Episode 5 – “Descension”-

Evicted from her home, Tammie comes to her senses fully realizing the struggles she faces to balance her families wellbeing and the demands of pursuing a career in the performance arts.

Will she stop there?