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Episode I – “Abandon”

Introducing the Toronto Scene, her players, and points of view. Featuring SOCAN, The 3Tards and The Heatskores. In Memory of The Big Bop.

Episode II -”The Seen”

Tammie pursues life, liberty, and finds the value of patience.  Featuring Robin Hawkins.  Simcoe Jazz and Blues Club.

Episode III – “The trouble with women”

Tammie walks the runway for Cheri Milaney and “REAL WOMEN” during Toronto LG Fashion Week.  Featuring Toronto LG Fashion Week.

Episode IV – “For Public Consumption”

Tammie spends and Easter rising, auditions for Dragons Den, and plans the 3Tards farewell to Oshawa at Memorial Park.  On a trip to her hometown of Montreal to drum up sponsor support, she receives shocking feedback about the 3Tards.  Featuring The Groopies, The 3Tards, in Memory of The Kathedral/BigBop.

Episode V – “Dis-Pairage”

Tammie petitions Oshawa City Council to recognize the value of the 3Tards farewell to Oshawa.  Featuring Oshawa City Council, Rogers TV.

Episode VI – “Shwatarded”

Tammie and the 3Tards invade Memorial Park in the name of Breast Cancer Research.  Featuring The 3Tards, Memorial Park, Oshawa.

Episode VII – “Better me than You”

Durham Regional Police cut the concert short, Tammie is incensed.  Featuring DRPS, Oshawa Parks and Rec.

Episode IX – “Shwatarded part deux”

Tammie fuels rhetoric with the help of municipal and federal politicians by punking TIFF. Featuring The 3Tards, MP Colin Carrie, The Toronto International Film Festival.

Episode X – “Untitled”

Still without a day job, Tammie files her candidacy for a position on Oshawa City Council.  Featuring Oshawa City Council, The Drive Chimes.

Episode XI – “Politic-us”

Tammie kicks off her campaign for Oshawa City Council with a callout for a handup.  Featuring Random Killing, The G-Men, Die Standing

Episode XII – “Eviction”

After withdrawing her candidacy to save the rent, Tammie and her family are once again forced from their home.  Featuring Durham Region Social Services, Sidharta.

Episode XIII – “Apprehension”

Tammie is devastated when the Durham Region Children’s Aid Society apprehends her children in time for Mother’s Day.  AnterRckstar goes on hiatus from production and promotion to re-group, re-evaluate, and re-focus.  Featuring Durham Region Children’s Aid SocietyEpisode XII – “Eviction”