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uperscale of relaxed

Terry Moshenberg said no glitter on the stage… he didn’t say
anything about feathers…..

and the fur feathers and panties did fly…
I said it best to Wally Bing Bang on FB before the show…
“I’m going to go on a bit of a crying bender here, but honestly, my
confidence about this whole performance thing was shaken badly from
the start, and though I was excited to pursue LOR, it still scared the
shit out of me…

You guys have been so sweet and respectful from the get go it was easy
and painless… and a very healing experience.”

I don’t know if you boys can ever appreciate what you’ve done for me…
Your openness and faith in my ability to pull off these crazy songs
and stunts, or the courage to train me and restrain me into a creature
of feral grace… your lack of judgement.

Nevermind letting me the privilege of serving as the voice of our
[SIC] creative spirit. You inspired me to let myself go and in doing
so I found myself more present in my life than I have felt in a very
long time. In this feeling I found great joy, and am grateful I
brought joy to your journey as well.

Sharing this joy with my fellow League Of Rock ers… I was so
tremendously comforted to know we were all going through the same
nerves and challenges and watching them all rise and shine was
incredible to watch as well. I’m enjoying hearing their renditions on
my CD, and especially the song choices, which somehow, musically, all
speak to me on a personal level. THANK YOU to Toxic Roots, Two Sticks
Down, and IOU for the wonderful memories, encouragement, and

As for the MVP award… that was a wonderful surprise, and a token of
respect I appreciated more than you can know.
These are gifts I will treasure always.
Thanks for the show,

sorry about the vapid tambo,
I have bruises, scratches, and sprains
I couldn’t carry a tune today to save my life…
I’m spent.

But as the song goes…
we only said goodbye with words gentlemen…
I died thrice for you already,
by my count we have 97 more times to go….

Tammie Trouble
PHOTOCREDIT Emma LeClair for Be-Communications
P.S.S. please feel free to tag yourself if I missed you

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