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Anterockstar News… take II

We took a bit of a hiatus on you guys there, sorry for not announcing it (*giggles*  in case you noticed).

We’re fucking around with the format and shit, but are continuing to bring you the moments, and speaking of moments…

I can’t believe this has only gotten 37 views in just over a week, I can’t get enough of it, and it doesn’t count mine…

I’m doing good keeping up in practice (awesome wrist workout), but I doubt I could keep up with Chris… hehe… yet *wink*


In other news, I’ve auditioned for a VJ position at Much.. wish me luck, or better yet, write in and tell them you wanna see the Anterockstar on Much.

Oh, and I’m nearly ready for an even bigger audition… Doug’s letting me try for drums for Murder Ride after much ado and discussion… I’m waiting on a confirmed date and then we’ll see who gets to eat shit… haha… I’ve got my spoon shined up and ready.

Oh, and the video camera too of course…

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