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AnteRockstarNews : Shwatarded

News coverage of the Final “swatarded” concert ever!




  1. Delayed in some manner by neutrality (source
  2. Delayed in some manner by association with, or juxtaposition to, the city of Oshawa, Ontario.

Use: The fact that Council voted 5-4 against me is Shwatarded.

So there you have it, whole new word.

The funniest part of last night was explaining the whole “tarded” concept. It never occurred to me that someone would take offense to the term “shwatarded”. I was searching for a word to explain it aside from gimmick, and it finally came to me this morning. Misnomer.

“A misnomer is a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue. Such incorrect terms sometimes derived their names because of the form, action, or origin of the subject becoming named popularly or widely referenced long before their true natures were known.”

In any case, I simply said that the ability to laugh at one’s self was the most important life skill any individual or organization can learn, and left it at that.

So, we’re still preparing to be amazed this morning. I am actually pretty amazed that they entertained me in the first place, you gotta admit, how often does a punk rock girl get a shot at the mic at City Hall?

Now THAT’s Shwatarded….

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