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Chasing my tail…

Yes, I had planned on singing for the guys last night, C hasn’t been around to practice lately, he’s been sick, and he finally showed last night, but  unfortunately, Peach had to work overtime (again… the guy’s running on empty, you can tell).  Gerry had to be home early, and there you have it….SNAFU.

Not to mention that when I had the guys just listen to what I had practiced to sing them the noise was unbelieveable.. they hated it.  *giggles*…. It wasn’t heavy enough for them….  hehe…

I was somewhat disappointed, as I had pushed myself further than I ever thought I could… or Kevin’s pushed me, or the band’s pushed me, either way, I now have an adam’s apple for goddsakes.  I made the most of the time yesterday, trying to tune myself to them.  The register I’m having to use just to tune myself to them is so deep, it ‘s insane.  It’s good that I get to sit with them and just hum, I could really feel my throat opening up last night, and I’m managing some pretty loud vibrations, I can feel it in my lips, teeth, and nose.

I’ve also found my new best friend.  Cloraseptic Lemon and honey spray.  I’ve found that I hold back because I’m afraid to injure myself, and the anasthetic effect helps me past that hump (I don’t feel an initial jolt of pain and pull back).  For those of you concerned with my substance use, I use half the recommended dosage, over twice the recommended period.

More substance later, I have to get to work.

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