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City Haul.

I saw that on the front page of the Sun today… I thought it was cute.

My comments this morning to council, my two cents on this years budget…


Your Worship…

My good Council…

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address yourselves, and my fellow constituents. I address you today, in solidarity with them, a candidate for this council.

As this is my first run at a detailed analysis of the corporation’s fiscal operations, please forgive me if any of what I’m about to say sounds ignorant.

I am however, well versed in financial analysis, having at one time in my career, put the final decimal place on Air Canada’s 1999 Annual Report. A 50 page document, explaining billions of dollars in revenue and expenses from a variety of business units.

10 years later, I am analyzing a budget 10 times smaller, yet somehow a hundred times more complicated.

This is Oshawa’s budget 2010 (a 5 inch thick document comprising nearly 800 pages).

I do not believe that my input here, no matter its brilliance, will find its way into this budget.

As we speak, cheques are being issued and cashed.

The deadline for public consultation clearly expired on December 31st, 2009.

That said, I am not sure what I can say here to add value to this conversation.

I would however leave you with a question:

How does this council propose a clear vision of our future when it reports a convoluted document of our past?


Strategic note….

it would have been foolish of me to pretend to master the city’s financial picture given the small amount of time I have been exposed to the documents. I spent a few hours with it and the repeated use of the word “other” to describe large amounts of money disturbs me, and the summary and transmittal document rhymes more like a marketing piece for council than it does a balanced report of goings on.

I also noticed that the city does not receive a great rate of return on its investments.

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