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Oshawa, Ontario The3Tards and Anterockstar challenge Oshawa to raise Breast Cancer awareness

In 2009 Anterockstar and The3Tards chose to hold a Breast Cancer fundraiser in Oshawa, Ontario.  That event was interrupted by City Officials, leaving fans and performers disgruntled, and the goal of raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, unfulfilled.

Documentary series Anterockstar, now in its third broadcast season at, explores these events, and the miscarriage of power which resulted in a contingent of dozens of police officers attending to stop a licenced event, which, from their own officers notes “Did not seem to be an inappropriate concert to have in downtown Oshawa on a Saturday night”.

As active fundraising partners, Anterockstar and The 3Tards, are committed to reaching their fundraising goals.  Issuing a challenge to City Officials, frontman John Tard vows to finish what they started.  

“Durham Regions finest shut down our breast cancer benefit a few years back 3 songs in to our headlining set.This always left a bad taste in our mouths considering we raised no money for the intended charity because the donation part of our show was squashed by local police.  Having raised thousands of dollars for the CBCF, The3Tards take breast cancer very seriously.”

John Tard has issued a public challenge to the City of Oshawa and The Durham Regional Police Force, calling on them to make good on their mishap by making a donation to the CBCF.

“Cough up the cash ($5000) by April 1, 2012 or we are coming back to play another show but this time we aren’t stopping if you pull the plug on us.  We will do it acoustic if we have to for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.”

Anterockstar is the first series of its kind to be produced in Oshawa, Ontario, and also the first to engage a charitable organization in media content creation.  The broadcast of Season III of Anterockstar supports the Canadian Breastcancer Foundation in spreading awareness around prevention and active participation in bringing about a future without cancer.   A third of funds raised through sponsorship sales of Anterockstar are donated directly to the CBCF.

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