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I can’t make it on my own….

Oh I love Oh I love oh I love what you do to my head.

If yesterday was big, today will be even bigger, and that sets me up for a fantastic tomorrow.

I can feel the neurons firing off in my head. I can feel the wave grab me and take me
and I can feel myself riding her like the surf…. just like a dolphin Jen :).

I don’t make things up in my head… I make my wishes come true. My wishes are coming true daily, and it’s … well… I mentioned delightful yesterday, today feels more like… oh gawsh… I use the word awesome far too much, and it feels blaze in this case.

Well, if you pronounce that word (blaze) the english way, actually, that’s exactly what this feels like. I’ll report more later, I have some things to get done here, I’m laying tracks come the high noon….

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